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Why Purchase Concern America Crafts?

  • For the promotion of justice and fair trade in the market place.
  • To exchange care in developing countries for impoverished communities.
  • In order to get unique, quality and handmade gifts.
  • Finding a reliable source of income for woman living in material poverty.
  • To provide training and education for cooperative members involved in this particular activity.
  • Encouraging the preservation of traditional art forms taking roots in different cultures.

It’s been decades that products from Concern America (C/A) have been promoted belonging to cooperative groups where ever the organization has worked. The value of ‘fair trade’ has been used to market these products. The implication of fair trade is partnerships involved in trading rest on reciprocal benefits and respect for each other; the work is reflected by the prices paid to producers; that safety, national health, and wage laws are enforced; and last but not the least products are environmentally sustainable thereby conserving natural resources of the country. Artisans who work in environmentally safe surroundings and in their homes are paid living wages for their art, thereby making them support their families in culturally and dignified strong ways.

The best way to help people earn their livelihood in a better way is to help them develop their skills and give them proper guidance, and even assisting in establishing income generating projects. The process gets affirmed by purchasing fair trade products from community based producers in developing countries.

C/A supports Cooperatives in Ecuador, Bangladesh, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico are supported by C/A by purchasing their beautiful, handcrafted art pieces at same fair trade prices, which are set by the ones who make them. “Craft sales” are hosted in churches, homes, businesses, civic events, schools, and now even online; which is how C/A makes these items available. The funds that are generated by the sale of these products are used to support field projects of C/A in these countries.

C/A assures its clients and customers and even donors that it follows a policy of never lending, selling giving, sharing, exchanging or renting in any way, the private and personal information of its clients with no other profit or nonprofit individual or organization. This would include an assurance that C/A would not get involved in looking on internet sites that provide secret and private financial information about individuals and organizations. C/A would respect the privacy of every individual customer and organization.


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